Would you survive the end of the world?

Would you survive the end of the world?

Everyone knows the world will wend someday. But if you're there when it happens what would you do?

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There is no longer any electricity. Everything is dead. What electronic free tool would you pick up to keep throughout your struggle to survive?

A knife

A pack of starving wolves find you and you are alone. How do you react?

Challenge them
Run like hell
Run a short distance then hide where they can't
reach you

All the fresh water has been tainted. How would you purify it?

You use the sun to create pure condensation
droplets to drink
You don't and walk away
You drink a little of it, hoping the tiny amount wont

You find a lost and abandoned horse who's owners have been killed. What do you do?

Kill it immediately for food
Ride it and use it as yours
Run away from it. It might hurt you

A few survivors beg you for food. You have an extra loaf of bread...

Tell them you'll give them food if they'll help you in
Take pity and give it to them
Give away a tiny chunk of your bread and say its all
you have to offer

You try to survive in the woods only to find some idiot built a fire that raged out of control! The trees are burning down around you. How are you going to react?

Climb a very tall tree
run to try to find an open area
hide in a ditch underground to escape the flames

You are out of food. What will you eat now?

you found some tasty looking berries
you found an unopened jar of honey
you found some lunch meat

Another gang of survivors attack you in the night. You are weaponless...

use the dark to confuse the enemy and slip away
fight them with your fists
fight the leader with your fists one on one

if you were to be severly injured and lose a body part what would it be?

a hand
an eye
a leg

The air has been tainted with carbon monoxide!! What would be the cleanest place to get away from it?

an abandoned house
an empty feild
a leafy tree

How big is your family?

you and a wife/husband
you, a wife/husband, and three children
just you