Would I date you?(Guys only)

Would I date you?(Guys only)

Let's see if I would date you. If not then.. Good try ;D. Haha. Im soo funneh.

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Favorite color?

Green :3 Like grass
Red. Like blood..
Black.. Like my soul
Pink like your cheeks.

Favorite flower?

Red roses.
Sunflowers! THEY ARE SO TALL!!!
A dead flower.
Any kind!

Where would you take me on a first date?

Some place romantic and then i would take you to my place ;]
A cemetery.
A dark alley.

Are you dating anyone?

Yes! I love her so much!
Yes. But I would break up with her just to be with you!
No, Im just waiting for that special someone ;]

Your friend sees us hanging out together. He calls you over saying he wants to talk to you. When you get over to him and ask him what's up?, he asks why your hanging out with that piece of filth. What do you say?

"HEY! BACK OFF OF HER! Your just jeleous."
"Umm, She's my friend, that's all..."
"Yeah your right! Im gonna go punch her!"

You come by my house when day and walk into my room to see me crying. What do you do?

Walk over to me and comfort me, saying comforting words.
Ask me what's wrong and comfort me.
Ask me what's wrong then have a really awkward moment.
Ignore me and go play Call of Duty with your friends.

What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Hip hop

When would you introduce me to your family?

In a year or so..
After a few dates or so.
Never. They might kill you!!!

Got good grades?(My parents would kill you if you didn't -.-)

Yes. All A's :]
Meh, a few A's and B's.
A's B's and a few C's
Why do you want to know?
Fs and Ds...

If we were to get married, where would our honeymoon be?

In a bed ;]
In a romantic place like Paris, or Amsterdam...
In a dark hole.

Last question... Rate an follow?

Of course sweetie ;]
Naww... I got better things to do.