What is your alternate identity?

What is your alternate identity?

Everyone has their secret identity, whether it's a superhero, ninja, warrior, or something else. This will reveal what your alternate identity is.

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Okay. We're going to start with the obvious. What is your favorite color out of these?


What animal would you rather have as a companion?

A wolf
A squid
An eagle
A horse
A cat

If you could time travel, would you go back in time or forward in time, and when specifically?

I'd travel back in time to the age of the samurai
I'd travel to the future, when aliens take over Earth
I'd go forward in time to the age of superhumans
I'd travel to the medieval times
I don't want to time travel at all

RP time! You got shipwrecked on an island with a village on it. The people in the village say you can take up residence in any of their houses. Which person's house do you choose?

The church
The fortune teller's house
The house of a normal family
The blacksmith's shop
The voodoo lady's shack

The next day, you get lost in the woods on the island. You find a spot with five chests. Which chest do you open?

The black one with metal spikes
The glowing green one that makes unearthly sounds when you touch it
The golden one with flags flying from the sides
The iron one with rubies set into the top
The wooden one with strange writing on the front

What do you find inside of it?

Weapons, including swords, nunchaku, and maces
Sticky purple slime, hard orange chunks, soft blue pockets, and a gooey green liquid
A shield with a golden star on the front, inscribed with the word "HERO"
Armor, including helmets made of the finest iron, chain mail leggings that are incredibly durable, and iron boots
with amazing grip
Vials of potions and chemicals, scrolls of recipes and enchantments, spell-books, and magical gowns

RP ending :( sorry!

Anyway, what's your favorite food out of these?

Enchanted jewels
Eyeballs, coal, and eggshells
Whole-wheat bread, apples, and peanut butter
Spinach and potatoes
Grapes and apple cider

Choose a weapon.

Any superpower

Pretend you're in a dark alley at night and three guys in black attack you. How do you respond?

I hide in the shadows and try to knock them down when they least expect it
I suspend them in midair using my antigravity powers
I shoot them with laser vision
I stab them with my weapon
I put a curse on them

Choose a secret code name.

Dark Star
Ice Fist

Choose an outfit.

All in black, with a ski mask on
Golden boots, a red robe, green skin, and pink hair
Blue tights, a blue shirt, a silver cape, a red mask, and black boots
Flexible leather undergarments and a full suit of armor
Brown boots, purple pants, a blue shirt, a navy blue robe with stars on it, and a pointy hat

What is your signature fighting method?

Hide, and then do a surprise attack
Immediately destroy my opponent
Rooftop battles and jumping from building to building
Gallop towards them on horseback and try to stab them hard enough that they fall off
Shouting spells and throwing potions