Where are you on the alignment chart?

Where are you on the alignment chart?

On the alignment chart, commonly used for Dungeons & Dragons, what is your position? Is it along the Lawful end of the spectrum, or the Chaotic end? The Good end, or the Evil end?

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What is your position on the political compass?

Authoritarian Left
In between Authoritarian Left and Libertarian Left
Libertarian Left
In between Authoritarian Left and Authoritarian Right
In between Libertarian Left and Libertarian Right
Authoritarian Right
In between Authoritarian Right and Libertarian Right
Libertarian Right

Do you think that all laws should be followed?

Yes, because they are necessary in order to have a successful society.
Maybe, depending on the law or situation.
No, I do my own thing.
I follow laws if they benefit me.
Not really, but I can find loopholes in anything.
No, all laws are dumb!

Choose three words that most align with your life goals.

Peace, family, and happiness.
Success, longevity, and fun.
Control, power, and excitement.

Would you ever kill someone?

No. Killing is never right. It goes against my moral code.
No, because that's illegal.
If I could get away with it, and they were inconveniencing me, then probably.
If they killed someone or did something really bad, and I wouldn't get in trouble for killing them, then yes.
If they were a bad person, then yes.
If they were inconveniencing me, then yeah, absolutely.
If I was allowed to, and they did something bad to me first, then yes.
Yes, for any reason, no question about it.

How far would you go in order to help someone else?

I would sacrifice a lot to help someone else, no matter who they are.
I would help someone else if I cared about them, even if it inconvenienced me a little.
If I cared about the person, I might help them, but not if it would inconvenience me in any way.
I don't care about helping other people.

Do people like you?

Yes, I'm a very likable person and people enjoy spending time around me - even if they don't agree with me.
Most people do, but some people find me annoying or over the top, and that hurts my feelings. I'm just trying to
People who agree with me like spending time around me. Fine with me - I don't want to spend time with anyone
who doesn't agree with me.
I guess. But I'm an introvert anyway, so it doesn't really matter.
Yeah, I'm really fun. A few people might find me irritating, but I don't care.
No, they find me a control freak, but I'm okay with that. Most other people are below my level.
No, most people hate me, and I'm glad. The feeling is mutual.

Do you have a moral code?

Mostly, but it changes based on the situation.
No, I decide whether or not I think something is "right" on the fly.
No, I don't have any opinions on what's "right" or "wrong."

If you could change one thing about the world, what would you change?

I'd make everyone be kind to each other.
I'd give myself a good job, house, and car.
I wouldn't change anything.
I'd make myself the leader.
I'd get rid of my opponents.
I'd give myself lots of money.

Do you tend to give people the benefit of the doubt?

Yes, 100% of the time.
Yes, most of the time.
No, I'm a very suspicious person.
I never give people the benefit of the doubt - I always assume they're trying to harm me.

If you got into trouble with the law, what would your reaction be?

I would be incredibly anxious and upset. How could this have happened?
I sneer at authority! I would not care at all.
I would be disturbed at how such a miscarriage of justice could have taken place, and call my lawyer. I'd even
consider on suing whoever got me in trouble.
I'd call my lawyer. We can fix this. It's not the end of the world.
I would lecture the authorities who brought me in, going off about how I'm going to sue them for every penny they
have. They'll never hear the end of it!