Which patterned socks are you?

Which patterned socks are you?

Do you like wearing patterned socks, but never know what pattern to wear? Well, this quiz will tell you what pattern of socks fits your personality best?

published on November 17, 201612 responses 2
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Which job would you most like to have, out of these?


Which color would you most want to paint your room?

Red, because it's intense
Tropical orange; it's encouraging and fun
Yellow, to send out a fun and positive vibe
Green, as it is soothing
Metallic turquoise - it's quirky and unique
A bright and fun shade of blue
Creative and artistic indigo
A deep, relaxing, quiet shade of purple
A sweet and calming lavender
Pastel pink, because it's silly and sweet

If you got to choose your hair color, what would it be? (1/2)

Fiery red
Pink and orange
Platinum blonde!
Pastel blue, yellow, and purple
Dark brown
Pink and purple

If you got to choose your hairstyle, what would it be? (2/2)

Tight curls
Bouncy ringlets
Pixie cut
I like how it is right now... why would I want to change it?

When you're feeling angry, what do you do?

Stay calm and try to solve the problem
Scream at everyone, mope around, stomp, slam doors... stuff like that
Burst into tears and hide in my room
Try to stay positive and be happy
Become sarcastic and cranky, and snap at anyone who tries to talk to me
Talk to my friends to see if they can cheer me up
Feel very anxious, with tears coming to my eyes
Become stubborn, even if I know I'm wrong
Get really flustered and start crying
My anger motivates me to work harder to fix the issue

(RP for the rest of the quiz.)

Someone told everyone in your school your biggest secret - that you wet your bed! Now, people are laughing at you and talking about you behind your back! What do you do?

Every time someone says something mean, I get mad and tell them to shut up
Ugh, great! Now my reputation is ruined! I'm really upset that I lost my position in the popular clique.
I tell the teacher
Say to myself, "It could be worse. There are people in the world in much worse situations - be grateful that you only
have to deal with this!"
I laugh with them - after all, it is pretty funny!
Whenever someone makes fun of me, I say, "Please stop making fun of me. It's not nice."
Become closed off and try to ignore it
I lie and tell everyone that it's not true
Cry, even though that just makes them laugh at me more
Yell at everyone and defend myself

The next day, you find out it was your best friend that told everyone the secret! How do you react?

I yell, "You jerk! I hate you! You're not my friend anymore!"
I scream at them and refuse to talk to them
I say, "How could you do that to me? It was really mean."
I'm a bit angry, but I forgive them quickly
I'm not mad; wetting the bed isn't really embarrassing for me
I tell my parents, and they comfort me
I have a panic attack
I tell them, "That was not okay, and I don't want to be friends with anyone who gossips about me."
I cry, but I realize maybe they did it for a reason
I plot revenge

Your friend says, "I'm sorry! The popular kids told me that if I didn't tell everyone something mean about you, they'd spread a rumor about me."
What do you do now?

I say, "That's stupid. You should have refused! We're done."
I get really mad at the popular kids for making my friend do this, and at my friend for actually doing it
I say, "That was really mean of the popular kids! I understand why you did it."
I tell them, "Well, I guess since you were forced to do it, I forgive you."
I laugh and tell them, "Don't worry about it. It's cool. I mean, wetting the bed IS pretty funny."
I say, "I'm sorry they said that to you, and I understand why you told the secret."
I'm still full of anxiety, but I say, "I guess would have done the same thing if I were in your position..."
I say, "A good friend would have been loyal, and refused to spread the secret. I can't be your friend anymore."
I tell them, "That's a horrible reason. I would never have done something like that."
I yell at them, "You're a terrible friend!" and then I tell everyone THEIR biggest secret

To cheer you up, your parents take you to the local ice cream place. What flavor do you order?

Peanut butter cup
Cake batter
Banana split
Rainbow sherbet!

On your way home, you see someone left a wallet in the road. The wallet contains $500 and it says it belongs to someone named Tommy Anderson. What do you do?

Keep all of the money - if Tommy really cared about his wallet, he wouldn't have been so careless!
I take $50 for myself, and then give the wallet to the police station
Send it to the address inside, and add a letter that explains what happened
Make "Lost Wallet" posters and put them up around town
I take a couple dollars and then put it in the Lost&Found; I don't know the guy, so I don't really care THAT much about giving him his wallet back
Take the money and use it to buy gifts for my friends and family
Leave it there - it's none of my business
Return it, duh! Even though I don't know him, it's the right thing to do.
Give it to the police station
Return everything, and add in a couple extra dollars