What should you do about your crush?

What should you do about your crush?

Should you go for it, or should you wait a little longer? This quiz'll tell you. ;)

published on August 03, 201295 responses 16
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How does he act around you?

He acts like I'm one of the guys.
He looks at me when I'm talking to him, and he listens.
He seems kind of fidgety, like, sort of anxious...
I dunno. He barely even notices me...
He looks right at me, into my eyes, and listens closely.
he always has great & helpful responses.

Is he currently in a relationship?

Nope! :) Single as a Pringle! ;)
I'm pretty sure...
Yes, but she's just weird.
Well, facebook says he is, and he doesn't walk around
with a girl all the time.

How close are you with him now?

We're friends.
We're best friends.
I don't know if he knows I exist.
We're acquaintances.

Do you talk to him?

Yeah! We text too.
We talk some! :)
No, not really. We'll say 'hi' every now and again.
Yeah! He seems to like talking to me!
We text; we never really get a chance to talk

How often can you go to him when you need something?

He knows when I'm having problems sometimes, but
he's not the one I go to.
He's the first one I talk to!
I can't...
He's one of the many people I go to.
He's one of the few people I go to.

How does he react when he finds out that something bad happens to you?

He doesn't even know when something bad happens...
He asks if I'm okay, and makes sure.
He asks if I'm okay.
He tries to cheer me up in some way.
He just doesn't care.
He cares in some way.