Should I have a child?

Answer 10 questions and find out if it's time to be a parent. -

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Do you have a lot of dreams still to come true?

Not really
I think so
Lots and lots and lots...

Are you the life of the party?

Every time

How much money do you have?

Plenty to spare
Getting by
In debt

Have you recently noticed a deep liking for children?

For quite some time now

How long do you think (honestly) your current relationship will last?

More than 10 years
I don't know
Less than 10 years

How stable is your current income source?

Quite stable
Can't say for sure
Very unstable

How healthy is your daily diet?

Never miss fruits and veggies
Never miss drinking and smoking
I try my best

Do you live in a quiet, pollution-free neighborhood?

Quiet, but polluted
Pollution-free, but noisy
Noisy and polluted, both!

Do you have all the basic modern conveniences?

Yes, most of them
Some are still missing from my life
I prefer not having any

Do you own the property you live on?

Yes, it's mine
No, I own property elsewhere
Nope, it's not mine