Is your house haunted? (1)

Is your house haunted? (1)

have you ever thought your house was haunted... but you wanted to know if it was really haunted? take this quiz to find out if it is, or not.

published on July 16, 201286 responses 28 4.0★ / 5

do you ever see anything glowing in your room at night?

yes, something blue, green, or white.
yeah but it's only my night light.

Do you ever hear whistling in your house, when your home alone?

i'm never home alone...
yes, but it's just the cat. lol

do you ever feel something holding your hand when your in bed?

yes, but it feels calm...
yes and it's creepy!
no, never
wat do you mean

do you hear weird noises in the shower?

i have no idea

do you ever hear foot steps in your room, but don't see anything?

yes, all the time!
i don't know...
no, never.
umm at night, yes. i even sometimes DO see something... something white and glowing...