Is your BFF really your BFF?

Is your BFF really your BFF?

This is a friendship quiz that will help you figure out whether you 2 WILL be friends FOREVER

published on July 08, 2012103 responses 16
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How do you feel if your BFF hangs out with another friend?

OK - I know I am her BFF, and I need not worry
A little Jealous
Good - she only makes fun of me anyways!!

If your BFF likes the same guy as you, what would she do?

Apologize for the predicament, but keep on
trying to flirt with him
Tell him how ugly you are and how mean your
personality is
forget about him immediately, just because she
knew how much this meant to you

If your friend found you crying in the bathroom stall, what would she do?

sit down next to you and just be there for you
See you, ask you if you are ok, and then leave to
go to her next class
Stifle a laugh then bring other people in to see

How much do you know about her BFF?

Only her mean personality
Her Hopes, Dreams, and of course, the girls she
absolutely DESPISES
Her personal information (height, address etc.)

Does your BFF know everything about you?

NO. If I tell her something personal, it will be on
the front of the school newspaper
Yup - we finish each others sentences
Well, sometimes I feel like she would laugh at me