Are you a good friend?

Are you a good friend?

Are youa friend who is good at making friends and the right choices or do you need to think before you speak well take a look at this quiz.

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Your friend has been off for a few days, what do you do?

Go round straight after school to see if she is alright
Call her
check tommorrow
Make new friends

Your friend has an embarrasing secret and everyone wants to know what do you do?

Tell them
Tell them a bit of it
Tell them something differnt
refuse to tell them even if they black mail you

your friend asks you to go to the movies with her but your boyfriend wants to come- they both hate eachother- what do you do?

Bail your friend and go out with your boyfriend instead
Go with both of them
Sit with your friend with your boy friend behind
Tell your boyfrind sorry but if it's a problem for my friend you cant come maybe another time

Your friend has a boyfriend who you are totally in love with what do you do?

Feel happy for her
Steal him off her and get revenge
be jelous but don't let it get between you
Ignore her

Have you been completly honest for this quiz

Some of it
Most of it