are you date material?

are you date material?

do u want to find out if u r date material? then take this quiz. it will tell u if you r or not. if so, go get u a date. if NOT, u might need to work on your personality. GOOD LUCK (im sry if anyone is unhappy with their results)

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do you have a crush? if so do u think they like u back?

yes i do. i like them but i dont know if they like me.
yes i do and they do like me
yes of course i do! we r dating and have been for a while.

what color hair do you prefer?


are you popular?

i am very popular. i have many friends. the more the merrier
i am a little. i have a couple of close friends
no. i dont need anyone else to have a good time

do you have pets?

yes i have pets. i luv animals
no. i dont. i dont really like pets

if you answered the last answer yes, how many pets?

i dont have any.
7 or more
i live on a farm.

are you picky with your choices?

no i just go with the flow. how will i know if i like something if i dont try it.
yes i am a little. if something looks fun or tasty, i will try it, but otherwise no.
no i stick to what i have. i dont need any thing else.

what are your hobbies?

i play and watch sports.
i like to shop and hang out with my friends at the mall.
i like to read and listen to music.
i go swimming and like to try to get my tan on. boys love a girl with a tan.
i dont do much. u know just hang out in my room by myself.

what do you like to do to pass the time?

i do my hobbies.
i try new and exciting things like skydiving.

finally, did you like this quiz?

yes very much.
sort of.
it was fun but not great.
i was just bored and still am.