Does ur crush like u?

Does ur crush like u?

Does ur crush not kno u exsist, kinda like u, or have a crush on u? <3

published on July 03, 2012215 responses 24
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ur crush.. (insert 1)

is friendly with me but not as close as i wish...
sends me love letters and gives the luv look if u kno wat im sayin!
doesnt kno me.

how much do u luv ur crush?

just a small crush
A LOT!!!
a little bit

the nicest thing ur crush has done 4 u is...

send me a luv letter!
nothing he doesnt kno me at all!
given me the "hi" look. thts good, rite?

ur crush is...

a celeb
a kid from my skool

what do u think?

he doesnt really... well... he doesnt really kno i exsist..
yeah kinda sorta..
uh-hu! he always is staring at me and when i stare at him he looks away. i do the same 2 him/her. ohhhhh how romantic!

do u have things in common?

idk i dont really kno him.....
yes! like, everything!
some things not all
no nothing at all!

ur crush asks u out. u...

say no cuz u dont kno tht person tht well
say yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!
he/she wouldnt ask me....