does your crush like you?

does your crush like you?

if you want to know if the guy you like likes you back, take this quiz and find out!

published on June 29, 2012162 responses 25 4.1★ / 5

does he laugh at good jokes you say?

yup all the time
he doesn't know me
he knows me but i don't tell him jokes i'm too embarrassed.
one time i told him a joke and he looked at me funny it was so embarrassing!

does he compliment you?

no!! he doesn't know i exsist!!
only on my hair, clothes, makeup, etc.
yeah usually on my hair or shirt.

did he ever start talking to you starting his sentence with "i want to tell you something..." or something like that but didn't get to finish?

no he doesn't talk to me!!!
yeah once!!!

you see him at the beach and your bikini falls off cuz it's too big and loose!! everyone's staring at you naked. what's most likely for him to do?

blush and smile a little
run over and try to cover you
give you a towel and drive you home

does he laugh when something embarrassing happens to you?

yeah! on purpose to get my attention
yes but only cuz everyone else was when i farted.

how often does he talk to you?

never really! he basicly doesn't know me...
he comes up to me at lunch here and there to say he likes me shirt... and to ask for my number.. and stuff like that... you know, like the usual.

does he ever look at you for at least 3 seconds?

yeah maybe 4 seconds!!

do you and him ever get in trouble with the teacher for talking during class?

no we don't even talk
he's not in my class and doesn't know me.

is he nice to you?

he is nice and he's a good friend
he is nice but doesn't pay attention to me
yeah he flirts with me!!!!!!!!

does he blush when you catch him staring at you?

he doesn't stare at me!!!
always! beat red!!

does he know you like him?

no!! only me and my bff know!!
yeah and it's embarrassing for me
no but we are pretty good friends

does he have a gf?

yeah, and she's way prettier than me but she's my friend
no... but i think he might ask me out.
no not at all