How do you tell if you and your boyfriend really have chemistry?

How do you tell if you and your boyfriend really have chemistry?

find out whether you and your boyfriend have any actual chemistry? is your relationship doomed, or simply already dead?

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How alike are u to ur boyf?

Very similiar
Not at all
Quite similiar
Too similiar

Do you and your boyf hav romantic chem?

Yes, were very romantic
No we barely talk
Sometimes, depends wot mood

Where wld ur boyf take u on a romantic date?

A romantic moonlit picnic
A crusty diner
A trip to the zoo to visit that hilarious gorilla

What is ur boyfs taste in music?

Hannah Montana
hes not sure

What are your boys hobbies?

Watching footie
Hanging out with you 24/7
working out

Your bestie says that she caught ur boyf making out; your reaction is

Instant accusation
He wld never do that!
ask him straight out

You play spin the bottle at a party: the bottle spins between ur boyf and ur bestie; they seem to hav a long passionate kiss;whats ur reaction?

Have a huge fight and threaten them both
ignore it its only a game
have a quiet word

Your boyf buys u an expensive present; u hate it. what do u do?

pretend u love it, its the thought that counts
Demand for the reciepte
Cry in a room 4 a day-doesnt he know me at all?

Your boyfriend has a terrible fashion sense-how do u tell him without hurting his feelings?

Tell him that maybe sometime u cld help him out in the shopping department
Start wagging that finger and ask him whether he's colour blind?
Buy him a whole new closet

Your mum walks in on u and ur boyf kissing-wot do u do?

Blame it on him
Slam the door in ur mums face-its ur life she cant control it
Shut the door but sit around awkwardly for the rest of the day!