Your Elemental Story: Part 2

Your Elemental Story: Part 2

This is the sequel to my first "Your Elemental Story: Part 2" quiz. If you haven't taken the first one, please take it before taking this. You'll need it to understand your result. Anyway, this quiz will tell you what realm you live in and what your family is like.

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RP time! It's the last day of school and you wake up in the morning. How does your family react to your last morning of school?

They cook me a nice breakfast and wish me luck
They throw a surprise party
We all play Frisbee together before it's time for me to go
They smile at me and hug me
They take a picture of me to celebrate my last day of school

When you get to school, what would you MOST like to happen? (Not what DOES happen, but what would be the most fun to you?)

A hike in the woods
A fun party
A group sport
Some free reading time
A gift swap

You get home and eat dinner, then go to bed. When you wake up, it's summer vacation! What do you do?

Go outside and enjoy the fresh air
I pump my fists and call all my friends
I go outside and run around
Wake my family up so we can play a game together
Sleep in

When your family wakes up, what do they have planned for the day?

Nothing; we just sit home and relax
A scavenger hunt
A fun game of soccer
A trip to the park and a picnic lunch
A day at the spa

You finish doing whatever you have planned for the day and you go to sleep. The next day, your parents tell you that they're leaving you home to babysit your sibling alone for the first time ever. What do you do? (If you've gotten the chance to babysit your sibling before, just pretend you haven't.)

I play a board game with them
No parents home! Yay! We throw a party.
We play a wild game of basketball
I read to them
I cook them breakfast and lunch, make them do their chores, and have them clean the house

When your parents finally get home, they're smiling and holding a box with holes in it. It's a pet - just for you! You open it and are overjoyed to see.... what kind of pet is in the box that makes you so happy?

A fuzzy dog
A guinea pig
A labrador retriever
A fluffy cat
A groomed black cat

The next day, you go out shopping with your family. Your parents give you and your sibling $100 to spend on anything you'd like, to celebrate the end of school. What do you get?

A set of paints and paintbrushes
A cute new pair of earbuds
A baseball and glove
A book
Some new clothes

As an extra-special surprise, your parents get you your own iPhone and tell you to pick out any case you want for it! What case do you choose? (If you already have an iPhone, what case would you WANT?)

One with an owl on it
A rainbow-colored one
A case designed like a soccer ball
One that is intricately designed
A simple black or white one

The day after the shopping spree, your friends come over and you throw a party together because school's out. What is the party like?

Musical and fun
Wild and fun
Active and athletic
Quiet and thoughtful
Mature and plain

What would you most like to do during summer vacation?

Go to art camp
Have all my friends over and party
Play sports, swim, and have fun
Spend time with my family
Relax and sleep in

Summer vacation is almost over, and school's starting in a few weeks! What's your reaction?

"Yes! Now I get to buy new school supplies!"
"I'll finally get to see my friends again! Emma went to Florida for summer vacation and she'll be back for school so
I'll see her again! Yes!"
"Ugh... I hate school..."
"I'm disappointed, but I'll live."
"No more sleeping in? No!! I need my beauty sleep!"

What outfit do you buy for school when it starts?

Jeans and a t-shirt
A cute skirt and a tank-top
Shorts and a t-shirt with a funny saying on it
A plain dress and a necklace
Black dress pants and a white shirt

It's your first day at school and you walk into your classroom. The teacher stands at the board. When she turns around and introduces herself, you immediately know you'll like her. What would your dream teacher be like?

Tolerates some fooling around and lets me doodle in class
Cheerful and makes learning fun
Sporty and always plays games in class
Calm and patient
Strict and gets right down to business