Does he like you? (16)

For girls having trouble with a relationship who needs to know does he like me or not.

published on June 11, 201623 responses 2

Does he talk with you a lot?

Uh no not at all
Yes of course!
I don't know I'm not in a relationship

Does he hang out with you a lot?

A lot he makes time for me
No but we are getting better hopefully...

Do you think he likes you?

I don't know well I am shy
No he's always mean to me...
Yeah I think so.
Yes obviously I'm so amazing not like I'm lying!!

What do you do for him?

Give him some sweet treats! 🍫🍦🍭🍰🎂🍿
Complement him and I'm nice to him!

Have you ever gone on a date with him?

Yes fancy dinners are always the best
No he won't talk but then I'm too shy to ask him!
Yeah movie theatres popcorn I'm in!
Well actually he asked me!

Do you like him for who he is or for his looks

Obviously his looks!
For who he is come on man he's just an awesome guy!