What celebrity are you most like? (3)

This is a test to see what celebrity has your personality! It is not 100% accurate, so don't be upset with your score... Have Fun!

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What is your favorite type of music to in your downtime?

Fun, loud songs
Rap music
Songs that make me feel upbeat!
Songs that are about life, and what it means
Love songs! Songs about problems, and then turning out all okay
Songs that inspire me to do something!

What do you do mostly on the weekends? (When your not busy)

Hanging with any friend that isn't busy
Being creative! (writing stories, making art, making poems, songs)
Partying! Games, and listening to music!
Singing, dancing, (basically having a good time)
Texting, and on my phone

Whats your favorite animal?

Lion, something fearless
Kittens, so soft and cuddly
Animals aren't really my thing
Bears, something wild
A dog, a good fighter

Favorite quote? (out of these)

"I can't change, even if I tried"
"Never give up on something you love"
"Your lucky enough to be different, never change"
"When life puts you in a tough situation, don't say why me? Say try me."
"Be your own kind of beautiful"
"You can fall in love at any age"

Whats your favorite color? (out of these)

Glitter! Sparkles!

What is your favorite hobby?

Making a difference
Basketball, skateboarding

Whats your favorite song? (out of these choices)

Baby I- Ariana Grande
As long as you love me- Justin Beiber
I knew you were trouble- Taylor Swift
Dark Horse- Katy Perry
White walls- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Wrecking Ball- Miley Cyrus

What is your favorite article of clothing?

Shirt, pants
Something that matches with my personality
Anything sparkly, bright