Does she like you? (3)

take this quiz to find out if your crush likes you (boys only)but it might not be very accurate so yeah

published on August 20, 201625 responses 0 3.0★ / 5

Does she hold your hand

all the time
if its to make sure I don't hit her when she is killing me than yes
once or twice

does she stare at you

all the time
yes with a very murderous look on her face
when we are talking
she doesn't notice me

has she given you anything

lots of stuff
sometimes maybe a birthday gift
yes the death glare (all the time)
no unless she is doing mass presents

what does she do when talking to you

look at you like a normal person
stare daggers and insult you
she doesn't talk to me
stare at you and blush

when you try to get near her what does she do

kick you
do nothing
say hi like a normal person
get red in the face

does she hang out with you/make a point of sitting near you

all the time and aloone
sometimes, but with a group of friends
yes to corner me and kill me

does she help you

sometimes with homework
yes with all the wrong answers in homework
all the time everything

if you are her partner for a project, what does she do?

help with the project/give ideas/make small talk
look very very happy
scowl and say she wish she remembered her gun
say hi whats your name

does she call you/come to your house/email you

sometimes about homework/with other people
spam yes to murder me yes to shit in my pool yes
no unless there is some big party (everyone is going)
all the time

does she flirt with you

no we just talk sometimes
yes all the time
insult yes but flirt no