How close are you and your friend(s)?

How close are you and your friend(s)?

This quiz shows how close you and your friends are. It shows if your really close or if your actually really enemies.

published on June 12, 201288 responses 15
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Someone bumps into you at lunch and food spills all over you!! Your friend:

She says are you okay? and helps u
freshen up
LMHO's and teases you
Giggles a bit and helps you freshen up

You tell them who your crush is. your friend:

Tells your crush
asks if they can tell your crush
keeps it a secret
Tells your crush embarassing stuff about you

Someone is bullying you your friend:

does nothing
tries to defend you
laughs at you and/or defends the person bullying you
Totally tells her/him off!

Your birthday day is coming up! your friend bets you:

What you've wanted for a really long time! omg!
cute shoes... in her size!
A prank present or NOTHING!

Has your friend ever ditched for her crush?

Only once or twice. But I understand why.
All the time! omg Its so annoying!!!
A couple of times
Never! If she ever has she told me that she wouldn't be able to come.