What song is your life?????

What song is your life?????

If your life was a song what would it be, a rock song, a party song or a sad song or even a love song?? Find out here.....

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How has your week been so far?

horrible I just wanna cry :'(
well dumped the old boyfriend getting another one not really bother tbh
kissed my new boyfriend hot!!!! <3
diffrent day EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!
been to acouple of parties no biggy!
normal......what else do you want?????

What would be your ideal day out?

whatever involves something depressing
DO I CARE??????!!!!!!!
go to a resteraunt....ROMANTIC resteraunt
have an ice cream and sit on the beach

What type of song outta these do you like best?

something sad like 'my heart will go on' from titanic
PARTY....LIKE'party rockers in the house tonight' by LMFAO
HEAVY METAL!!!!!! Anything that makes your eardrums burst!!!!
something romantic like 'boyfriend' by justin bieber or...or...LOVEEEEEEEE
i like love, something sad...i like anything really

If a guy you went out with dumped you would you......

greave for afew days but get over it and find someone else
errrrmmm cry for abit then get invited to a totally awesome party, meet someone else and BAM i have a boyfriend!!!
...................... shrug?????
everyone is gonna have to break up with someone, and if i loved him i would cry but i will find someone else life isnt a win win situation....

Will you rate and comment on this quiz?

if theres a party after!
is my mascara running?
i guess if i get to have sex after....