Are you my long lost twin? (1)

Are you my long lost twin? (1)

Everyone has that one person that is exactly like them. I'm pretty sure I've found mine, but this quiz will tell you if you're my long-lost twin. Have fun!

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Are you a grammar freak?

Absolutely! It bothers me so much when people use incorrect grammar!
Not at all. I let people do what they want to do.
It bothers me a little bit, but I'm not a total grammar freak.
No, and I don't even TRY to use correct grammar. It doesn't matter how I spell this or that!

What color is your hair? (This has nothing to do with my interests or whether or not you'd be my friend; if we were twins, we might have the same color hair.)

Caramel/dirty blonde
Dark brown/black
Bright red/other

If you got blamed for something you didn't do, what would your reaction be?

"Excuse me, I didn't do that. It's not fair that I should be punished for something I didn't do."
I'd let it go, but talk to whoever blamed me and tell them who's REALLY guilty.
I'd just let it go.
"Oh my gosh! What the heck is wrong with you, you idiot? I didn't do that! Are you dense or what?"

Do you support gay marriage?

Of course I do!
No, I don't... why would I?
I don't have a stand on that...
No, I don't really support it, but that shouldn't affect our friendship!

What name sounds the best to you?

Alison (Allie)
Margaret (Maggie)

Are you interested in magic?

Yes! Totally!
I'm a bit interested, but I have more important things to do.
No.. that's all pretend.
Kind of.

Are you a vegetarian?

Of course I am!
I want to be one, but I don't have the willpower.
I eat meat all the time!

If I told you I was an atheist (I am), what would your reaction be?

"Awesome! So am I!"
"I'm not, but I respect your choices."
"Oh.... um... okay.... I'm not, and here's why." *fully explains every single belief of your religion*
*gasp* "I'm sorry that you aren't letting god into your heart! I'm praying for you!"

Do you like riddles?

Not at all!
Most of the time..

What one word describes you best?


Do you like reading?

All the time!
I like reading some books.
No! Reading is stupid!

What book genre is your favorite?

Fantasy all the way!
Realistic fiction.
Are you dense? I just said I hated reading! Ugh!

What outfit sounds like you?

A short skirt, crop-top, heels, and tons of makeup
Sneakers, khaki shorts, and a sweatshirt
A long dress and sandals
Capris, heeled boots, and a tank-top