Which child are you in your family?

Take this quiz to see if we guess correctly of what child you are in the family!

published on November 27, 201533 responses 9
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Your parents went out on a date and you are left home. You...

You get bored, so you just play games while they are gone.
You watch over your siblings to make sure they aren't causing any problems.
You play with your older and younger siblings.
You play and mess with your older siblings.

On a Christmas early morning you are most likely...

to wake you and your parent up.
to wake up your younger siblings and your parents and inform them about opening presents.
to get waken up by your older sibling then you will wake up younger sibling
to get waken up by your older sibling

You just got in trouble. You are most likely...

to get warned not to disbehave.
to get blamed and scolded at.
get in trouble for being bad.
get a woopen for causing the bad behavior.

You are working on a school project. You usually...

do it by yourself not needing much assistance.
do it with someone and brainstorm most of the ideas.
rely on help with an older one but can do some of the project alone.
need help with an older one.

You are at the store and need you use the bathroom. Your parents would most likely tell you...

that she will go to the restroom with you.
let you go by yourself.
that she will wait for you outside the restroom to make sure everything is alright.
makes you go with an older sibling.