What dress fits your personality?

What dress fits your personality?

This quiz will tell you which dress design your personality fits the most! I'm assuming everyone who takes this is a girl, so sorry if I offend you. NOTE: There are 12 personality options. This took forever! I hope you like it!

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Which party food are you most likely to snack on?

Fruit, duh!
Probably popcorn
Cake, with extra frosting
The cupcakes!
Chips and pretzels
Watermelon, punch, and mini-cupcakes!
I'll take one of everything, please!
I prefer to sit back and watch...
I'll be too busy dancing and talking with my friends!
Parties? I don't go to parties.

What are you more likely to do at a party?

Flirt with the cute boys *wink*
Listen to the music, look around, and try to relax
Giggle with my best friends
Check out the food, maybe dance a little, but mostly make small talk
Gossip about everyone else with my pals
Dance with my group of friends!
Sing karaoke with my pals
I'm in the middle of the dance floor, busting a move, baby!
Walk around and chat it up with people!
Hang out in a corner with one or two friends and just spy on people
Sit on the couch and watch everyone have fun
Stay home - parties are way too loud for me!

Out of these options, which animal do you think is your spirit animal?


What is your ideal boy/girlfriend like?

Loving, romantic, flirty
Easygoing, nice, selfless
Funny, energetic, friendly
Put-together, generous, intelligent
Shy, sweet, understanding
Sophisticated, popular, hardworking
Compassionate, talkative, adventurous
Quirky, outgoing, attention-loving
Entertaining, talented, flattering
Bright, unique, silly
Sophisticated, edgy, quiet
Mature, responsible, honest

What's your biggest weakness?

I come on too strong
I don't like doing hard work
I don't know when to stop
I'm too picky
I can change my mood in the blink of an eye
I'm self-centered
I have a short attention span
I can't prioritize very well
I'm not good at recognizing cues and body language
I'm confused about my identity
I'm sometimes mean
I'm not very understanding

What's your biggest strength?

I'm very compassionate
I know how to relax
I'm entertaining
I'm selfless
I am empathetic
I'm hard-working
I try new things
I like going my own way
I'm a leader
I don't care what other people think of me
I'm quick-thinking
I can keep a secret

What job would you be awesome at?

Fashion designer
Daycare worker
Police officer
I'll just stay home, maybe I'll be a blogger or something

On a scale of 1 to 12, how outgoing are you?

1- I prefer to keep to myself
2- Other people usually overwhelm me
3- I prefer just chilling out
4- I can be outgoing sometimes, but other times, I'm super shy
5- I am outgoing when I need to be
6- I'm open with my feelings, but I don't like having all eyes on me
7- Everyone else loves me, but sometimes I just need some "me" time and beauty sleep
8- I'm really outgoing around my friends, but kind of quiet around strangers
9- I'm pretty fun, and being around other people gives me energy
10- I don't mind leading the crowd, but I don't constantly want to be the center of attention
11- I enjoy entertaining people, and I'm very energetic
12- I love having all eyes on me, and I'm awesome at talking to people

What color scheme do you think is the prettiest?

Red, pink, and white
White and orange
Yellow, pink, and orange
Green, lavender, and blue
Red, yellow, and blue
Pink and purple
Pastel pink, orange, and lavender
Purple, yellow, orange, gold, and silver
Silver and gold!
White, black, and cream
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, gold, silver - all colors!

Which sport do you like the most, out of these?

Rock climbing
Ultimate Frisbee
I don't have time for sports.
Why would I want to waste my valuable time hitting a ball around and getting all sweaty and dirty? I'm too good for sports!