What pet fits your personality?

What pet fits your personality?

Have you ever wondered what pet you're most like? If so, than this is the quiz for you! NOTE: This quiz is NOT supposed to tell you what pet you should get!

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Okay, let's get this over with. What food would you rather have?

(I'm sorry!!)

Meat, meat, meat!! I'll eat ANY meat!!
I like meat mostly, but I'll occasionally eat vegetables
I typically like meat or veggies
Well, I love meat, but I'll eat anything sweet
Usually grains, like bread or sunflower seeds, but I love fruit
I'm a big fan of fruits, grains, and veggies
I eat almost all vegetables, but I like fruit, too
I love vegetables!

Which activity do you absolutely love?

Running, playing tag, playing catch... I'm up for anything!
Spending time in the water, soaking, or maybe climbing
Eh, I'm up for swimming
I'm pretty talented - I usually sing, dance, or play fun games
I just like hanging around, cuddling, and eating
I'm a big fan of spending some alone time, relaxing outside
I like races and obstacle courses

You're on the phone with your crush, but your little sister keeps singing the "K-I-S-S-I-N-G" song. What do you do?

I yell at her - "SHUT UP!"
I burst out laughing - she is so funny! - and giggle with my crush about how weird siblings are
I just laugh it off
I say, "Mom, can you please tell Sophie to stop?"
I growl for her to stop, and then keep talking to my crush
I scowl at my sister, and then embarrassedly continue my phone conversation
I blush, but my crush already knows I like them, so it doesn't really matter
I don't even pay attention

If you won a million dollars, how would you spend it?

I would purchase a house with guards, so I could live alone and relax
I'd buy an awesome mansion for me and my friends, with a huge yard, and a playground!
I'd donate some of it, but buy my own private plane so I could travel
I'd get an Olympic sized pool, and make it private, so only I could swim in it
I'd arrange my favorite band/singer to sing a private concert just for me and my friends!
I would buy everything my friends and family asked me to!
I'd donate it to charities and hospitals
Books! Notebooks! Colored pencils! The possibilities are endless!

What does your room look like?

I've got a big bed, and the rest of it is messy, but my room is painted calm colors
It's bright, and it looks like a tornado passed through
It's painted weird colors, and pretty messy, with lava lamps and patterned curtains
It looks pretty normal, and it's moderately clean
It is extremely messy, and painted neon colors, with lava lamps and a disco ball
It's bright and colorful, with beanbags for me and my friends!
It's slightly messy, but with bookshelves, relaxing armchairs, and cool colors on the walls
It's so messy that I can't find anything, but the walls are patterned, and I have an easel in one corner

On a scale of 1-8, how much do you stand out from the crowd?

1- I don't want to be the center of attention; I'm really shy and passive
2- I'm laid-back, and not much of a leader
3- I don't really care what people think of me, but I prefer to follow the crowd
4- I don't want to ruin my reputation, but I sometimes like standing out
5- I like doing my own thing, but I don't want everyone staring at me
6- It doesn't matter what everyone else thinks of me, but I don't want to be a big weirdo
7- I love being unique, but I don't ALWAYS like having all eyes on me
8- I don't care what anyone thinks of me! I'll do my own thing!

Which word describes you best? (1/3)


Which word describes you best? (2/3)


Which word describes you best? (3/3)


Which career would you most like to have, out of these options? (1/2)

Daycare worker
Fashion designer

Which career would you most like to have, out of these options? (2/2)

Charity worker

How do you calm down after being angry?

Playing sports or just taking a walk
Not talking to them
Writing in a journal
Talking to friends

How do you feel after getting in a huge fight with someone?

Confident - they were the stupid ones, and I'm always right
Really guilty - how could I have been so mean?
Kind of mad at them, but everyone has bad days; they'll apologize later
Fine - we just need our space, and then we'll make up
Really upset - those stupid idiots better watch out for my revenge!
Determined - I have to make this better between us!
Depressed - do they hate me now? Does anyone love me?
Steamed - I'm really confused and emotional