Could we be friends? (13)

I love making friends... Although it doesn't last long. :(( They all just start hating me, Move away or Use me. But I have one loyal friend. I wanna see if we could be friends. At least for a while any way! Since I'm shy I cant really do that kinda stuff well. So I made a quiz!

published on August 23, 201526 responses 13 4.4★ / 5

Do you look for you friends or family for comfort? Like when you sad?

Yes all the time
I keep it bottled up

Are you kind and loyal to your friends?

Yes actually.
I may betray them every now and then...
No... i wm a jerk to them. Always doing
mean things.

What would you do if your friend was rejected?

Comfort them. Who wouldn't?
I would beat the crud out of them!
I wouldn't care at all.

Are you a little strange?

Proud of it
Uhh... no comment
Why would i be a weirdo!?

Are you partially afraid of boys/girls? Does not effect score.

I never thought of it.

Uhhhm... I can't think of anything else...

Uhm. Ok, bye