Does Infinity The Wolf Like You?

Does Infinity The Wolf Like You?

see what my character Infinity will think of you! will she love you? will she like you? or will she dislike you? find out!

published on January 31, 201613 responses 3 5.0★ / 5

me:hiya all you people! ready to talk to Infinity?

me:hiya all you people! ready to talk to Infinity?
you:yep! im alays ready to meet a new friend! ^.^
you:*nods* yes please
me:oooh so polite I like you already!
me:then why are you here? -_-

Infinity:*walks in* hey-o! how are you today?

you:im doing awesome!
you:i am doing fine thank you
Infinity:heh you remind me of Kaylee
you:why do you wanna know!?
Infinity:i just wanna know how your doing! jeez...

Infinity:so anyway my first question is do you like wolves?

you:oh heck yes! they are so awesome!
you:kinda but I also like another animal as well
Infinity:alright that's fine :)
you:no! why would I ever like those mutts?

Infinity:so you like music?

you:yaaaaasssss!! music is my life!
Infinity:mine too! :D
you:its okay I guess
Infinity:okay :3
you:no and would you stop asking those stupid simple questions!?
Infinity:*glares* no...I will not and if you don't like it then GET OUT!!

Infinity:whats your favorite power and weapon to you?

you:i like electricity and I also like using swords and guns stuff like that
Infinity:omg me too!
you:any power is fine and I don't use weapons
Infinity:okay that's fine by me :3
you:any power and weapon that's strong enough to destroy you!!
Infinity:*eyes glow red* why you son of a- *attacks you*

Infinity:last you like shadow the hedgehog?

you:yeah! he brings sexy back~
Infinity:i know right?! <3
you:well I kinda do but I like another sonic character
Infinity:oh okay that's fine
you:why would I like a stupid hedgehog like him? and why should I be talking to a mutt like you!?
Infinity:meanie :'(

Infinity:well my times up! bai!

you:bye this was so much fun!
Infinity:thankie :3
you:bye I really liked this
Infinity:and I really liked you :3
you:whatever *walks out*