Are you ready for love

Are you ready for love

find out if u are ready for love,see if you are in love with anyone,like your guy friend if you have one

published on April 07, 201288 responses 9 3.4★ / 5

if you had a choice to go out with going out with a geeek or a dirty minder which one will you go ut with

the geek i don't like dirty mnders
the dirty minders ima naughty little girl/boy

would you go out with a emo or a punk
or a skater boy

skater boy
emo dude

if someone came up to you and said i love you and you didn't love them what do you do

just pretend you love them and say i love you 2
sorry but your not my type
wtf i say that to me

yo got a huge crush on your guy friend wat would you do

tell him that u have a huge crush on him
just keep it a secret and latero when he starts flirting ask him out
tell ur bff

would you rate and comment my quiz

yes i love it
no its so crap

ok im going now BYE!! cya :)

bye bye
bye ill miss you
what a great quiz hope you have fun