are you a good or bad date?

are you a good or bad date?

take this quiz to reveal what kind of datew u r. are u good or bad find out here

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what do u do if u pay an he gets somethin super expensive?

hahaa like u would pay
talk to him afterwards
who cares
secretly hate it but dont say anythin bout it

who picks the place?

you duh
him duh
take turns
if he says he doesnt care u will

why are u dating him?

u love him duh
hes sexy
so u can dump him mean like ur ex
to make everyone jelouse

who pays?

him duh
you duh
take turns
split it

who picks who up?

you pick him up
he picks u up
ur parents pick u both up
u meet him at his place an then u go from their

you say u dont care where u go but he picks somewhere u hate?

lie bout a headache
say lets go somewhere else poilitly
silently hate it
make the best of it

who comes with?

ur siblings u have to babysit tonight
no one
tons of friends

what do u wear

somethin fancy always
somethin small an sexy
depends on wht he wears
depends on where u r goin

who asked out who?

you through a friend
him duh
you duh
you through fb

why does he like u

u dont know
ur sexy duh
u have a greatr personality
u r beatiful

what do u ordeer

least expensive even though u dont like it so u pick at it
most expensive cause u love it
most expensive to see if he loves u ebough to buy it without a fuss for u
least expensive tht u like