Would I Date You?! :P

Would I Date You?! :P

The Title pretty Much says it All, but- considering This has to have a Description- this Is a quiz to See if I would date You.

published on March 30, 201292 responses 21 4.1★ / 5

The dreaded Color question... What is you're favorite color?

Yellow or Green
Maroon or Burgundy

Do you have a cool name- exp. Severus (Harry Potter name! :P)- or a boring name- exp. Bob :/ ?

A legitamate name :P
Borraroraroring! (Boring)

What do you think of my profile pic?

I like it... It's cute.
You're really pretty.
Uglyy, girl!

Quick! Choose one!


Last Question: will you rate?
I know it was a short quiz, but I was bored and I really didn't feel like putting any effort into this! (: K bye!

Yea, I suppose.
Hells no!