should you dump him

should you dump him

i should have dumped my bf buti couldent before he dumped me, tht was the first guy tht ever dumped me

published on March 15, 201245 responses 5
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where do you guys usually go out for dates?

a really nice place, like a diner or
a gala
we usually hang out at places like
the mall
we don't really hang out on dates anymore, unless its at our houses

what did he get you for valintines day this year?

he got me some chocolate and flowers and a card
a card
we werent together at valintines day

whats the most romantic thing thats ever happened between you two?

he kissed me at the beach during sunset
we kissed in his moms car
he put his arm around me in front of his friends
we havent been dating for long enough for anything like that to happen (or you're too young)

is there an age diffrence between yo two?

well yeah but only like a few monthes to 2 years
yes like 3 to 7 years
he like 8 or more years older than me
im too old (above 30) for this to matter

do u know the name of any of his exes?

yes, he talks about them ALL the time
yes but only because i asked him
he told me when we started getting more serious