What friend is missing in your life?(only girls)

What friend is missing in your life?(only girls)

Your group is cool,but you have the feeling that there is something missing...Take this quizz and find out what it is!

published on March 13, 2012104 responses 20
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It's your birthday and your planning a huge party.Who helps you organising everything?

I don't know...The same thing from last year.Me and my mother will do everything.
My friends,of course!They love helping me.
My best friend.I can count on her even if she doesn't like celebrations a lot.

If you feel bad,who do you talk to?

I talk to one of the girls from my group.
With my best friend.She is always there when I need her.
If it's something private,I write on my diary.I have a hard time sharing that with others.

You really like a guy,but you don't know how to aproach him.Who gives you advice?

My friends give me some advice.
My mother or my sister.They know everything about boys
No one.My friends are like me.They also don't know a lot about guys.

Which of these phrases can you relate to the most?

I don't mind spending time alone.I am pretty independent.
I am always there for my friends.
Fun is the most important!I like going to concerts,parties...

Your best friend is:

a newbie when it comes to boys.
the best friend in the world!It is just a shame that she doesn't like to go out.
the truth is that I don't have a best friend.

What is your style?

Sportive clothes
Sexy clothes (mini skirts,tight t-shirts...)
Casual style (jeans and t-shirts)

When you arrive home,after school,what's the first thing that you do?

I go to my room to rest,listen to some music and read a book.
I call my friends to meet them.
I go on a walk.But I go alone because my friends prefer to stay at their houses