What Undertale character are you? (1)

undertale fans only p.s. i didint bother to put any pictures cuz imz lazy XDDD

published on June 18, 201616 responses 7

if u where a girl who whould u go out with

pfff my mirror makes
that reflection even
more beutifull
uhhh idk ima stay
im useless [me: [face

what do ya like to do for fun

trying to catch
uhh nothin much i
guess i can go drink
in a bar idk
rome around looking
for humans i wanna
be their friend

wats ur fav color [i cant come up with anything else XDDD]

pink and purple
pfft blue

what do ur friends think of u

a wanna be :[
a chill cool guy

if u were a boy who whould u go out with

a pretty fish girl
uhhhhh im not telling
u my buisness
useless i tell ya
useless [me: [bangs
head against wall]
why is that person
even here]