r u in love

r u in love

tells u if your in love or mabey your just feeling it if you dont agree with answer just comment

published on January 28, 2012143 responses 34 3.8★ / 5

your favourite colour

greens and terquise
red and pink (dreamy eyes)
purple or blue
i dont have a favourite

are you intrested in any one

are you intrested in any one
of couse there are so many guys/girls out there
there is one person
no being in a releathionship is descusting
well ive thought about it

have you been in a releasionship before

well 1 on 2 but didnt really like them
no but really need to
no an i dont wanna
no im to scared

have you ever made contact with a crush

yep for like a few seconds
well i tried to
no how descusting
id love to but i dont know how

are you female or male

im tomboy acturly
one or the other basically any i dont mind

will you comment plzzzzz

yes cause i love this quiz
no not at all this was a waist of time
dont no