Which Disney princess are you? (16)

Which Disney princess are you? (16)

Which Disney princess fits your personality? (I'm only including the Disney princesses that I can remember at the moment!)

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When you really want something, how do you accomplish it?

I keep picking myself up off the ground whenever I fail, and I eventually find something that works
I get disheartened when I fail, and give up; after a long time, it comes naturally to me
I use trial and error until I find a way that works
I sleep on it, and a plan comes to me overnight!
I quickly come up with a plan, and immediately try it - I'll never know if it'll work if I don't try!
I organize a plan
I ask for help
I work and work until it gets done - duh!
I construct a team to help me get it
I think of a creative way to get it
I get really excited, and immediately start writing down ideas
I start thinking of a plan, but get distracted, and eventually think of an idea
I do whatever it takes to get it done

What's your zodiac sign?

How does that help you know my personality in any way?!

What is your dream career?

Sanctuary worker
Makeup artist
Army general
Travel blogger
Olympic athlete
Interior designer

Which song is your theme song?

Thinking Out Loud, by Ed Sheeran
Kill Em With Kindness, by Selena Gomez
Play That Song, by Train
Fancy, by Iggy Azalea
Sit Still, Look Pretty, by Daya
Drag Me Down, by One Direction
Cheap Thrills, by Sia
Fight Song, by Rachel Platten
Roar, by Katy Perry
Shut Up and Dance, by DNCE
Can't Stop the Feeling, by Justin Timberlake
Into You, by Ariana Grande
Shake it Off, by Taylor Swift

Which pet would you love to have?

Note: These are NOT the pets that the corresponding princesses have in the movies!

A hamster
A canary
A Labrador retriever
A fluffy white cat
An iguana
A horse
A guinea pig
A bulldog
A snake
A chicken
A Pomeranian
A poodle
A black cat

Which emoji do you use the most?

The heart!
The pale pink flower - it's so pretty!
The smiling face with smiling eyes
Um, obviously the one with nails being painted!
The flame
The one of a maple leaf
The one of the two best friends
Any food emoji - I'm always hungry!
The angry face
The winking face with its tongue out
The smiling poop!
The one of the girl dancing
The sunglasses face, duh!

What color do you feel describes your personality?

Intense scarlet
Fiery red
Determined orange
Happy yellow
Peaceful green
Curious turquoise
Soothing blue
Creative indigo
Dreamy purple
Glamorous pink
Fun gold
Strong black
Independent white

What's your top priority in life?

Finding my soulmate
Helping anyone I can
Having time alone to reflect
Looking as gorgeous and/or handsome as I can
Doing something to change the world
Standing up for what I believe in
Travelling the world
Earning enough money to be financially stable
Being independent and always trying my best
Learning as much as I can
Making sure my family and friends are happy and safe
Getting away from my overbearing, overprotective, and/or abusive family
Exploring the unknown and making new discoveries

What's your biggest flaw?

I am bad at saving money and I impulse-buy
I'm always avoiding things that scare me or stress me out, even if I really need to do them
I can be really condescending sometimes
I'm very vulnerable and I fall in love too easily
I will do anything to get my way, even tell lies
I'm super bossy some of the time
I will believe anything; I'm very gullible
I'm way too hard on myself
I isolate myself from others
I'm very easily distracted
I can be clingy and I'm not good at reading social cues
I'm so passive and I let people walk all over me
I have a wandering heart and can't stay in one place for too long

What is your best quality?

I'm really curious and smart
I have a way with animals
I always take time to think before I make decisions
I'm charming and romantic
I'm incredibly brave and courageous
I'm really passionate
I'm always stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things
I'm awesome at setting goals and achieving them
I rarely need help with anything and I'm a good leader
I'm super creative, and always have good ideas
I would sacrifice myself for someone I love
I'm great at encouraging people
I'm very prepared for everything