For Nat ^.^ Wuv u! :p

For Nat ^.^ Wuv u! :p

Nesheshesheshe :p you will see ^.^ ^.^ :p I hope that you like it and that you will enjoy it ^.^

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What would you rather wear?

Jeans ( O.o )
Short Shorts! ( ^.^ )
A skirt all the time!!!! >^.^<

What would be your reason for going to the chosen country?

Meet up a friend.
Just for holiday.
Have a girl waiting for me! :p

If you could go to one of these countries which one would you go to?

USA ( Meh )
Russia ( Ugh! REALLY?! )
Japan!!!!! ( Kitty LAND! >^.^<

What is your favorite animal ^.^ ( Out of the onse that are written :p)

Rabbit ^.^
Squirrel :p
Kitty!!!!!!!! >^.^<

What is your favorite colour? ^.^ ( out of the given ones :p)


What is your favorite time of a year?


If you were in Japan which festival would you go to?! (check these in google images :p)

Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival!
Cherry blossom festival
Tanabata (Star Festival ) ( Love Festival)

If you met me in Japan and you had to choose between one of the following places to go. Where would you go ? :p

My house ^.^
Cake cafe! :p
Anime Love Hotel (o^.^o)

What place in Japan would you like to visit?

Mt. Fuji.
Any of the Shrines.
Akihabara ( anime city )

Would you be okay kissing me and Misaki-chan in... ( choose one of the following, one place is more crowded than another)

PAX ( 60,000 people )
Anime/Cosplay convention in Japan ( 200,000 people )
Akihabara ( 500,000 - 1,000,000 people daily)