Do you really miss them?

Do you really miss them?

You might think you miss someone but how do you know if you're certain? This will tell you xo

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Was this person a member of your family, close friend or were you in a relationship with them for a long while?

They were related by marriage so neither

How often do you think about this person?

Almost Always/ Always
Not Often

How long ago did you leave them?

Not long ago at all
A few weeks/months/years ago

Do you think you will want to see them again?

Not really, well, I do but it might upset me
Not anytime soon
I don't know

Have you cried because of them, either you missing them or what they have done in the past?


Did you used to talk to this person daily?

Yes but not anymore
We're still intouch
No, nearly everyday though, as much as i could
Not that often.........

Do you have memories of things that remind you of them with you?

I have got pictures and things, also i remember memories with them
Yes in my mind i have so many memories with them
Only a couple
Not that i can think of

Would you ever get something permanent to remember them by like a tattoo?

Yes but not a tattoo
No, why would i need to if i can remember them without that?
No, I don't want anyone to know that i miss them

Would you travel a far distance to see them?

Yeah i would
If i had enough money..