Would we be friends, enemies, or frienemies?

Would we be friends, enemies, or frienemies?

Tittle basically says it all! Would we be friends, enemies, or perhaps both?! Keep in mind this is my first quiz, and I'm just putting the first thing that pops into my head. So, I'm sorry if it's not that good...

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Alright! Let's began! ^.^
Pick the one that best explains you, or is closest to it anyways. ^.^

Alright! Let's began! ^.^
Pick the one that best explains you, or is closest to it anyways. ^.^
I'm always happy and giggly! Always smiling and never frowning, but deep inside no one knows the torment I hide... I can be
serious at times, but love to joke around. I can listen to peoples feelings, and love to help people out.
I'm happy happy happy! ALWAYS laughing, and dancing around! I'm not the brightest, but who cares? Life is awesome, and I
love to laugh!
I am the boss, I say something. You better do it. I get what I want, when I want. No questions asked. I also love to shop,
and I know I look good no matter what I buy! So you better tell me so! -.-
I'm not the happiest person. Maybe considered the loner to most people. I rarely ever smile, and to hear my laugh is even
rarer. I may be considered emotional, and have done self harm. I'm easily angered by people, which is why I prefer to stay
away from them.
Spots, spots, sports! I LOVE sports, they're my everything! I'm always playing sports, or at least training to do so! I love to
exercise, even though it tires me out most the time. I'm great at sports to, considered one of the best. ;)
Reading is my life! I love to read, and am always doing so. I don't care much for social events, because books have everything
social I need!
I am considered a girly girl. I love anything girly! Pink, sparkles, and more! I'm also a style freak, and know everything about
style! Did I mention I LOVE pink?!

Next question! What would be your typical outfit?

Anything that's sparkly, with bright colors! Hair always done, makeup always done. I'd say I'm perfect!
Dark, dark colors, mostly consisted of black. If I wear any make up, it's black as well. I usually wear black skinny jeans.
Anything that's tight fitting to my body, and makes me look good! Gotta keep everyone knowing I'm the best. ;)
Just a regular shirt, sometimes a t shirt, sometimes something considered a little girl. Added with a pair of jeans, then one of
my converse. Hair rarely done. Makeup, if any, is only some mascara with lip gloss. ( But I might be a guy, in which case I
don't wear makeup. )
Shorts or regular jeans, along with a regular T-shirt. Nothing special, nothing fancy. Just regular old stuff.
Nice pants, nice shirt, I dress fancy yet modestly.

What type of music do you listen to?

Anything, ranging from pop to scream, country to rap.
Pop! Stuff like 1D, Katty Perry, ect!
Rap! Anything with a fast beat and some fast lyrics!
Country! Anything and everything country!
Classical, who needs words when you can listen to Mozart?
Scream, anything and everything scream. It has normal singing? It's gotta go. Pure screamo? It's probably on my
Rock, old or new. Rock is everything.
A mixture of rock and screamo.

I know none of us like this question, but what's your favorite color? ( OR your favorite out of these anyways. )

Anything sparkly and shiny!! ( Me: That's a color?? 0.0 Alright then...)

Great! Not that that's out of the way, next question!
What do you do in your free time?

Sports sports sports! Always practicing or playing!
Shopping! I love to shop! Oh, and maybe get my nails and hair done!
Video games! I gotta pone these newbs!
Study, I have to keep my grade up!
Read, or write. Either way, you're always doing one or the other.
Music, listening to it, creating it. Writing songs, or playing an instrument. It's my life.
Always hanging with friends or out partying!

How's your school life?

Great! I mean, I'm the MOST popular person there! My grades may not be that good, but who cares?!
It's alright, I mean I got popularity, and I make good grades. So it's fine.
It's ok I guess...I mean, I'm not the most popular. I may not be hated by most, but I'm shy. So I don't talk to a lot of
people. My grades aren't that good either...
I'd say it's fine, as long as school goes. I'm not the most popular, but am not hated by anyone. I'm just shy, and don't talk to
a lot of people. I'm one of the star students though, and usually have straight A's.
It's not the best.. I'm hated by everyone, but that's alright because I hate everyone as well. My grades aren't that good
either, but I really don't care.
It's fine, I don't talk to a lot of people because I'm shy. I do talk to my selected few friends though. My grades are usually at
least decent..

Favorite animal?

Snakes( Me: That's not an animal though...0.0 *Backs away*)
Spider ( Me:Gah! No no no! Not an animal either! *runs*)

Alright, so now we're talking! What do you talk about?

Gossip, and talk about people behind their backs! Also on how great I look today! ;)
Books! Adventure, romance! Let's talk about books!
Music, anything and everything music.
School, or perhaps we shall talk about how smart I am. I am the smartest person here you know.
Anything and everything! As long as we're not talking bad about nice people, lets talk about anything!
I dunno..I don't talk much.. I don't like to talk much either. What's up? How's life? How much I hate people?

So, was this alright? If not, comment bellow as to how I can improve. ^.^ I'll redo it once I get better at these things, just keep in mind it's my first one. x D

Eww!!! It sucked!! ( Me: That's not very nice..)
Wasn't the best, but keep working on it and you'll get there! ( Me: Alright, thank you! I'll keep that in mind ^.^)
I loved it! Can't wait to see what you come up with next! ( Aw! Thank you so much! ^.^)