Which backpack is perfect for you?

Which backpack is perfect for you?

Have you been looking for the perfect bookbag? Well, look no further! This quiz will tell you what backpack is right for you.

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What social media website do you use the most?

I don't do social media.

What's your favorite thing about today's technology?

All of the world's information is easily accessible
Memes, jokes, and emojis, definitely!
It lets me talk to my friends, even when they're in a different country
I get updated on recent events and world news within hours of it happening
Everything! It's so innovative and amazing!
Nothing - I really don't like technology.

Which satisfying videos are you currently obsessed with?

Kinetic sand
Animated optical illusions
Wax melts
Paint mixing

Which puzzles are your favorite?

Word jumbles
Word searches

What accessory are you most likely to wear?

My glasses
Cat ears
A beanie
Headphones or earbuds
An infinity scarf
Aviator sunglasses

What's your zodiac sign?

Taurus or Pisces
Leo or Sagittarius
Cancer or Aquarius
Aries or Scorpio
Gemini or Libra
Virgo or Capricorn

Which genre of music do you listen to the most?

Instrumental or orchestral
Jazz or blues
Anything with a good beat!

Which animal would you most want to have as a pet?

A cat, because they're mysterious
A chubby little hamster or guinea pig
A bunny
A fish - there are so many kinds, they look really cool, they're easy to care for, and they're relatively clean
A dog; they're classic
Pet? No thank you! Why would I want a dirty, hairy, smelly animal in my house?

If someone wanted to make you angry, what could they say?

Literally anything dumb, racist, sexist, or wrong in any other way. Those would all make me boiling mad - and
(though I'm ashamed to admit it) cause me to spend two hours in a heated argument with the person who said
"Your jokes are so unoriginal. You think you're funny, but you're really not!"
"You never talk. Are you dumb, or something? LOL!"
"Unlike YOU, I like GOOD music, like Jimi Hendrix. YOU just go along with what everyone else likes!"
"You're not the boss of me - I'm not doing what you tell me to do."
"Come on, get with the times! The Beatles are out of style!"

Okay, be honest - what SHOULD you be doing right now, instead of taking this quiz?

Doing my homework, heh heh...
Cleaning my room. I *might* have gotten distracted...
Doing my chores
Spending time outside
I've already done everything I'm supposed to - now, I can relax. I'm appalled that you take me for an irresponsible
I don't know. Actually, come to think of it, I don't even know why I'm taking this quiz in the first place.