What element are you? (6)

What element are you? (6)

IDK y I even have 2 rite a description cuz ur not gonna read it anyway!

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If your two best friends get into a fight, what do you try to do?

Try to help but end up in the argument.
Settle them down and find out whats wrong.
Try not to get involved, I'm sure they'll figure it out by themselves.
Break it up and make them talk.

You are camping in a forest all by yourself in the middle of the night and you hear a strange noise. What do you do.

Hide in my tent and make as little noise as possible and hope it goes away.
Peak my head out to see what it is.
Go out and have a look around with a flashlight.
Ignore it; it's probably nothing and its not hurting me anyway... yet... (me: lol)

You're at home on the weekend. I come over, what would you be doing?

Just chillin. Maybe watching TV or listening to music.
Depends what time of day it is, but I'd probably be outside doing something.
Having a snack break form my busy schedule of using my laptop.
Idk, taking quizzes on Qfeast? (me: Me too!)

If you got a pet, what would it be?

I want a UNICORN that breathes FIRE!!!!
A cool bird... Or a HARPY!!!
A lizard... type... think... A DRAGON!
A dolphin to keep in my pool... Or a MERMAID!

What do you wear to go to sleep at night? (If you're a boy ignore the girly ones or just click boy.)

A night gown.
Tank top/T shirt and pj pants/shorts
My dad's old T-shirt
Normal stuff... I guess...

u like da quiz?

No! Shut up!
Uh, I guess
Yeah, sure
Oh yeah


I thought we covered this.