Would you survive the apocalypse?

Would you survive the apocalypse?

How well would you survive when the apocalypse closes in on you? Find out if you are a survivor or not.

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You are starving, and have been searching for food for over a day. You come across a bush of berries but you are unsure if they are edible or not. Do you:

Rub a berry on your skin and wait a few hours, if there is no reaction you take a bite.
Eat two of the berries, they will counteract themselves if they are poisonous
Recall all information you have ever learnt on berries, take a gamble.
Look at the color of the berry... Pretty sure if it is black then it is okay right?
Feed it to an animal, if they don't die then it is safe

You are severely dehydrated. You come across five bodies of water. Which do you think is safest to drink from?

A puddle near some rocks. It is most likely rainwater and the rocks contain minerals in them.
A dam. It doesn't look like it has been in use for a while, which must mean that no one could have contaminated it. It is really
still which is good, right?
An ocean. Salt is really good for you and makes you hydrate faster.
A stream. It is around some rocks which are good, right? And the water is moving really fast.
A creek, the water is flowing pretty slowly and there are fish. If there are fish it is clean?

What survival kit will preserve your life the longest?

Iodine, it will purify any water you are unsure about.
A sweater
Some biscuits
A few bandages
A knife
Water bottle
Sleeping bag
A torch
A sweater
A knife
A water bottle

You see a group of people around the same age as you. You don't know who they are or what they want. Do you:

Confront them. They are in your territory now.
Hide where you can still see them and with a weapon. Just to be safe.
Sneak up behind them and try to eavesdrop
Run away, it doesn't matter whose land it is.
Try to drop something on them, like a rock from a high distance like a tree.

You find a dead man by a tree. There is no one around and the man contains a lot of weapons. Do you:

Kick the weapons as far away from you as possible, they might be dangerous.
Try and find some information about the man, look for his wallet or ID.
Mourn for him, leave him just as you found him. Maybe cover him with some flowers or dirt.
Raid him of weapons, money and clothing. Dead is dead. I must move forward.
Take his weapons and money. I don't feel comfortable wearing someone else's clothes.