Camp Half Blood (3) Survivor! (APOLLO)

So, you've done the intro to the camp, and been through the capture the flag game? (If not look up Camp half blood under my name). See what happens next as your child of Apollo!

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You make your way back to the cabin the girl told you to go in, now knowing it is the Aphrodite cabin. You know now that you are the child of Apollo, but you know no one else knows this. What cabin do you choose to stay in?

Aphrodite cabin (beauty) Cabin 1
Apollo cabin (truth) Cabin 2
Athena cabin (wisdom) Cabin 3
Ares cabin (battle) Cabin 4
Demeter cabin (earth) Cabin 5
Hades cabin (death) Cabin 6
Hephaestus cabin (crafting) Cabin 7
Poseidon cabin (water) Cabin 8
Zeus cabin (electricity) Cabin 9
Dionysus cabin (trouble) Cabin 10

You make friends with those in your cabin and they give you a place to sleep.. You spend the day learning what your roommates know best. Click the number on the front of your cabin.


You have a good night sleep and wake up to a horn blowing and one of your new friends waking you up. You quickly sit up, and they let you borrow some of their clothes to change into really quickly. You feel awesome: they are ancient Greek style! Your friend grabs you and pulls you out to a large area full of targets and many weapons of choice. What do you choose to practice?

Running (+1 Stamina)
Archery (+1 Accuracy)
Javelin (+1 Strength)
Discus (+1 Concentration)
Swimming (+1 Energy)
Spells (+1 Magic)
Flirting (+1 Charm)

You spend the day practicing your heart out. You gain the stat listed next to the activity above. [*To play fairly please use a piece of paper to record how many points you have per stat. Please don't cheat and live your life fairly. You are the child of Apollo, god of truth, after all. All stats listed above are all possible statistics*]
While you are eating dinner, you hear talk about the Dionysus cabin's party tonight. Someone you don't recognize comes up to you and asks if you're going. Are you?

"Yeah! Of course I'll be there!" (Not available to cabins 3, 5, 6 or 9)
"Well... I might, but I think I'll practice skills some more tonight." (Not available to cabins 10, 1 or 8)
"I was going to get some rest tonight. I'm shattered!" (Not available to cabins 10, 2, or 4)

They nod at your answer and you finish your meal in peace. After you finish, you see all of your roommates heading back to the cabin, so you follow them. There they change to get ready to go to the party. Do you go too? [*You have to do what you told the person in the lunch hall you were doing.*]

Change into the pj's you were lent this morning and go to bed. (+1 Energy)
Change into the party clothes you were given. (+1 Charm)
Wait until they leave to go out and practice a skill. (+1 Self Control)

[*Read ONLY the place that YOU went tonight!*] PARTY: You go to the party and dance until you can't feel your feet. Since your dad is the god of music, someone asks you to sing the next song. Do you? ____ SLEEP: You curl up into your bed and try to block out the music coming from next door. It is really dark and probably somewhere near the middle of the night. A face pokes into the room and motions for you to go out with her. She then disappears behind the door and it closes. Do you follow her? ____ PRACTICE: You go out to practice the skill that you chose today. A person shows up next to you and helps you perfect your technique. You gain one point of the skill you practiced. You gain one ally to your ten roommates. You now have 11 allies. Click next.

PARTY: Sing! (+1 Confidence)
PARTY: Don't sing. (+1 Self Control)
SLEEP: Get up and follow her. What harm can it do?
SLEEP: Stay in bed. There was something off about her.

_PARTY; Sing_: You willingly step up on stage and amaze everyone with your musical talent. You make a friend while singing a duet with another child of Apollo. You gain one ally to your ten roommates. You now have 11 allies. ____ PARTY; NoSing_: You shake your head and walk away, sinking into the crowd. One of your roommates shoves you and calls you a looser. You lose one ally out of your ten roommates. ____ SLEEP: You don't know how, but you find yourself outside with the strange woman. She pulls you closer and you are paralyzed. She sinks her sharp teeth into your neck, not too deep, and laps up the blood. You pass out. When you come to, she is staning over you. She thanks you and disappears. You gain one charm and she becomes your ally. You now have 11 allies. ____ PRACTICE: You Hear a strange sound comming from the woods. You go in to investigate. You befriend a cyclops and gain one ally. You now have 12 allies.

I have 11 allies
I have 9 allies
I have 12 allies

In the last two questions, were you bitten?

Yes (-1 Strength; +1 Charm; +1 Stamina)
No (+1 Self Control, -1 Charm, +1 Concentration)

You go back to your bed after the party is over and curl up under the covers. You wake up to a horn blowing and you get dressed and ready yourself for whatever you might have to do today. You follow the group to a large hall or auditorium type building. You are out into different color teams, and you have no choice but to be an team red. Your team consists of a third of the children of Ares, children of Athena, and children of Apollo, despite whatever cabin you are in. Your team are all given swords and the opposing team shields. You are told to try to hit them and they are told to block your attacks. Their goal is to get to the other side of the hall, the part you are protecting. Do you go the left, right, or middle of the hall?


LEFT: You guard the left side along with the children of Ares. They are tougher than you and much more violent. You end up getting pushed towards the back of the mass of born fighters who are waked in the head one by one, to ignorant to win. The large group of left-side intruders get through. (-1 Confidence) ____ RIGHT: You guard the right side along with the children of Apollo. You all have the same father and are therefore related. You all happen to have the same ideas at the same time that you try to do, but you fail miserably, leaving spots of the right side of the hall unprotected. The intruders slip by with ease. (-1 Confidence) ____ MIDDLE: You guard the middle along with the children of Athena. They have a good plan that includes you well. You defend effectively. (+1 Mind)

I fought with the children of Ares. (You gain one child of Ares as your ally) (+1 ally)
I fought with the children of Apollo. (You gain one child of Apollo as your ally) (+1 ally)
I fought with the children of Athena. (You gain one child of Athena as your ally) (+1 ally)

It is now your team's turn to use the shields. Who do you go with? You don't have to go the same way you went last time.

The children of Athena (go to the left)
The children of Ares (go to the right)
The children of Apollo (go to the middle)

LEFT: You go with the children of Athena. They show you some blocking techniques and how to hit the defenders over the head. You attack on the children of Poseidon. You knock out a few of them but they overpower you. Only a few of this group make it to the other side, but you don't. (+1 Mind) (-1 Confidence) ____
RIGHT: You go with the children of Ares. It turns out they are really good at pushing through masses of people, and they keep you in the middle. You make it! ____
MIDDLE: You go with the children of Apollo and a few of you get by by just running. You are towards the back and get beaten with the swords. You receive a few deep gashes and some small slices. You had enough and you fall to the floor in defeat. (-1 Energy) (+1 Stamina)

I won!
I lost.

You limp your way back to the courtyard where everyone seems to be headed. You push your way up to the front of the crowd and see what everyone is looking at. The goddess Artemis is there, telling of a quest for any volunteers to help with. It is not a real quest, but it could really bump up your street cred here. You raise your hand to volunteer along with many others. She points to you and asks if you are worthy... Do you think you are?

I think so... I hope...
Well, maybe... define 'worthy'
ummm... no.
Why did I even volunteer in the first place? I don't want to go!!!