Camp Half Blood (Child of Apollo) #2

So, you have seen the Camp so far. Like what you see? Continue your life as the child of Apollo!

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You hear a horn blow and run out of the cabin to follow everyone else. You hear a leader say that you will be playing capture the flag and that you need to choose a weapon. Which do you choose?

Bow and arrow

You grab your weapon of choice and someone puts armor on you and gives you a shield. [*If you chose bow and arrow you may not carry the shield. Do not change your answer.*]

Accept the shield.
Decline the shield.

You carry what you have on you and head along with the group of people. Your team color is...


They split you up into team colors, red on the left and blue on the right. Your team leaves you to guard the starting place while they hide the flag. It seems they are fully confident in your skills with your weapon of choice. After five minutes of waiting, you hear someone shout 'go' and armor clashing. Your teammates told you to stay here, but you want to get in on the action. What do you do?

Stay and shoot anyone on the opposing team who threatens you. [*Option only available with bow and arrow. Please do not
change your answers.*]
Go out anyway. You have a weapon that you can use to defend yourself.
Stay here. You will honor what you were told to do.
Go searching for the flag. Maximum stealth.
Play dead.

You do as you chose in the previous question. Click '1' if you stayed and '2' if you left. Lie and it might break your life and chances of survival.


[If you clicked 1, answer out of the first two options. If you clicked 2, answer out of the last two. Read the paragraph with the number you chose next to it ONLY!]
1; ONE: You stay by your post and dutifully wait for your team members to come back. You think you hear them, and a girl wearing blue emerges from the bushes in front of you. What do you do, say, think, or tell her. She looks a little familiar to you, but you have a bad memory and don't know from where you know her.
2; TWO: You go out looking and come across a river. You are really thirsty so you go down to it to have a drink. When you get up and turn around, there are ten members of the opposing team behind you, all fully armed. What do you do?

1: "Hello?" [*If you are on blue team you team up with her. If you are on red team, she removes her helmet.*]
1: Attack! [*You may only attack if you are on red team*]
2: Fight to the death!
2: Surrender. There is no way you can overpower all of them.

If you are on red team click 1. If you are on blue team click 2.


[*You know the drill*]
1; ONE, RED: It is the girl that showed you her cabin! She whispers to you, 'I know where our team's flag is. I can show you where, if you want. I know you would like to win your first game for your team. I know I liked it!' You now recognize her as the daughter of Aphrodite. Do you follow her?
1;ONE, BLUE: You team up with her and find the red's flag. Unfortunately, she is captured, and they threaten to hurt her if you try to take the flag. Do you try to take it?
2; TWO, RED/BLUE: They easily take you over to their base camp and hold you there for half of the game. They are surrounding you. Do you try to escape?

1; ONE; RED: I follow her. She seems trust worthy. #%
1; ONE; RED: I don't follow her. *she walks away* #$
1; ONE, BLUE: I try to grab the flag. #@
1; ONE, Blue: I back off and make sure they don't hurt her. #!
2; TWO-red, blue: I try to escape. #^
2; TWO-red, blue: I try to wait out the game. #&

Click the sign that was next to the thing you chose.


[*Just read yours!*]
1, RED, follow:: She leads you right to the flag. What weapon do you have?
1, RED, stay:: You get ambushed by the blue team... uh-oh!
2, blue-red, escape:: You try to escape, but they catch you... uh-oh!
2, blue-red, wait:: You patiently try to wait out the game, but they get bored of you and make you duel every one of their toughest players. What weapon do you have?

1, RED, follow:: Bow and arrow or Dagger. ##*
1, RED, follow:: Nun-chucks or sword ##^
1, RED, stay:: You are overpowered and lose the game. {Please just go with what you chose and don't change any of your
2, blue-red, escape:: You are overpowered and loose the game. {Please just go with what you chose and don't change any of
your answers!}
2, blue-red, wait:: Nun-chucks or dagger. ##&
2, blue-red, wait:: Bow and arrow or sword ##@

Which did you choose?


1, RED, follow, ##*: The blue team is in trees and tries to shoot you and throw daggers at you. You shoot and throw back and grab the flag!
1, RED, follow, ##^: The blue team is in trees and tries to shoot you and throw daggers at you. You dodge a few but cannot reach them with your weapon. They overpower you... Uh-oh!
2, blue-red, wait, ##@: You hack through the opponents and win your freedom with ease. You escape.
2, blue-red, wait, ##&: Your weapons are strong, but weak against these foes. They overpower you... Uh-oh!

I go t a - "They overpower you... Uh-oh!" At the end of my story...
*dead*--- ##^, ##&
1, RED, follow, ##*: Cheers erupt and your team finds you and gives you a high five. You go back to the main area and
return your things.
2, blue-red, wait, ##@: You hear people screaming in joy as soon as you escape and realize the game has been won. Oh
well, at least you survived!