Your life at Camp Half-Blood

Your life at Camp Half-Blood

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a demigod an go to Camp Half-Blood? Take this series of quizzes to live there!

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Are you a boy or a girl?


You find yourself mysteriously at the gate to Camp Half-Blood. You take a chance and try to step over the barrier. You easily go past the sign. Who do you think you are?

Child of Apollo!
Child of Poseidon.
Child of Athena
Child of Hades.

You slowly walk through the camp, ignoring the confused looks everyone is giving you. You hear someone calling your name, so you follow their voice. They tell you to follow them. You do and you find yourself in a cabin full of people that look pretty similar to you.

"Um. Hi guys!"
"Hi I'm [name]!"

They say Hi back. The girl that brought you here grabs your arm and says,

You are one of us, right?

"I don't really know for sure..."
"Yeah! Of course!"

OK, then. Anyway. This is where you will stay, assuming you will stay.

She says

"Of course I will!"
"Well... I'm not so sure about that..."