What would your Freaky Flaw be?

What would your Freaky Flaw be?

Ever wondered what would happen if your special flaw happened to be freaky? What would it be? Why? Take this quiz to find out!!

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So...this won't determine what your life is about....just what I think it is lol. When you see the results there will be a Scale of Creepiness. How's that sound?

Like the title....creepy
Erm...totally disturbing
Fine with me...

Well, let's hop to it! What are you doing right now?

Spending time on Qfeast
Hanging with some friends
In my room, doing the stuff I do, the way I do it
I'd prefer to keep that to myself

Good enough answer, I guess....not weird enough was it? Ok, what would you do if you were a different gender?

Freak OUT!
Experience all the different "parts" lol
Try to find a calm and collective way to get out of that gender
Act like nothing happened

I think we got a little too personal. How about this simple question: Who are you dating?

A cute, kind of dorky guy/girl
Single Pringle ;)
A hot, jock guy/girl
A totally weird awkward boy/girl

Well, I think I've pushed enough questions out of you today...but that's just today....MEOW!!

I like your sign-off....
Was this supposed to be funny?
MEOW-in right back at ya :)
I'm bored...