Which GoddessGirls character are you most like? (boys and girls)

Which GoddessGirls character are you most like? (boys and girls)

Find out which brilliant Greek god or goddess are you most like! Curious? You should be!

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Ok. How about a harder one? You just saw your crush with your best friend in between classes at school. They walked into a dark, empty corridor. What do you think/do?

Its probably just a short cut to a class they both happen to have right now. Wait. A short cut to class I don't know about!?
What crush? Ok, I still have to answer the question? Um, I really don't care I'm probably late for something. And where did I
put that textbook...
It's ok. I saw the look in her eye, it looked kind of annoyed. Maybe she's in trouble! *Tip-toes to peak around the corner,
then chickens out and walks away*
She would never steal my crush, even if they liked each other. I told her a secret and we trust each other. I trust her, at least.
*Nervous lip-biting*
My crush? Just need to... *Sneaks around the corner and watches until they leave."
Need...to...find...out...what...they're...up...to... *Spys.* *Tells other friends.*

Ok Even easier than the first one. Are you a boy or a girl?

Boy! Why would you even ask that?
Girl! What else would I be?
Do I have to answer that, because sometimes I have my doubts...

What's your favorite color?


One day you're walking along the beach by yourself. You trip on something in the sand and pick it up. When you rub the sand off it, you realize it is a special magic lamp. A voice tells you that you can make one wish but it has to affect only yourself. What's one thing you wish you could change about yourself?

I wish I was more athletic.
I wish I was more attractive.
I wish I was smarter.
I wish I was more popular.

Pick one that makes you smile.

The sunrise, if I'm up early enough to see it.
A beautiful garden.
A sale at my favorite store!
An A+ on my project.
My favorite magazine at my bedroom door.
A horror movie with a huge blood bath scene!
My friends being happy. <3
This may sound stuck up, but there's nothing I like more than being told I was right.
When the water looks like ice but feels like heaven.


Umm. I don't feel the need to answer this question. Its not even a question!!!

You are invited out to do something you really don't want to do by the not-so-cool person in your grade. You have no other plans and know all of your best friends are busy doing a homework assignment you don't have. What do you choose to do/say/think?

Just say no! If I don't want to go I don't want to go! Whoever it is has to just get over the fact that they're NOT POPULAR. Just walk
What do you mean? I'm the un-cool kid asking! But if there was someone less cool than me, I'd totally go with them. Everyone needs a
I' probably go with them. Everyone needs a friend, even if I try never see them again, and try to avoid anyone seeing us together. I
definitely wouldn't lie about being busy or something.
I'd probably be busy, but if I wasn't, I might go. I know what it's like to be misunderstood and I want to make sure no one else is.
What?! NO one THAT un-cool would have the nerve to come up to ME and ask ME to hang out! But I'm not mean, so I probably would
just lie and say I was busy.

You are trapped on a sinking cruise ship in the middle of the ocean at night. Everyone has taken all of the lifeboats but one, and you see someone accidentally release one of the lifeboats with one person on it. There is no safe way off and the boat is half submerged in ice-cold water now. What do you do?

Make my way down to the lower section of the boat to see if I can make the fall into the ocean and find a lifeboat with room. Maybe
that empty one.
Close my eyes and hold my nose while I jump off and hope some hottie catches me.
Brave it out and make a dive into the water that might be the death of me. What other choice do I have? (Other than the ones listed
here, I mean.)
Seriously? Just jump in! I'm sure I could make it to a safe place before I freeze.
Make my way to a place deep in the ship where I can die in peace. It's inevitable and I'm not all that afraid of it.
Try to help some of the younger passengers off before me. They have longer to live if they survive, and what could I do for the world
that they couldn't.
Just scream and panic!!! Where.. what.. who.. when.. why meee...

Its the first day of school. What extra class are you most likely to choose?

Is this a question, my only weakness?
Can I just tell people what other people chose?
Do I have to....
Umm, does shopping count?
Study hall
Is sword fighting an option?
Wood shop, I guess.