What My Little Pony Princess are You? (1)

What My Little Pony Princess are You? (1)

Find out what Alicorn you are in this quiz! (I probably already made one of these, but i'm too lazy to check. Blagh. >.<) This quiz will contain all the original princesses as well as a few of my own creations.

published on April 18, 201466 responses 19 5.0★ / 5

First question, do you use your powerful for Alicorn magic for good or for evil?

Good, of course! After all, I need to set a good example....
It depends....Don't get on my bad side and I'll help you. However if you DO happen to get on my bad
side...thats another story. *grins evilly*
I support all light and equality.
Good, but once I was so overtaken with rage and jealousy that I..well you get the story.
Good. I spread love and happiness wherever I go!
Evil! Darkness shall last FOREVER and I shall reign supreme Princess.
Good! I would never do ANYTHING to harm another pony!
Meh.... *horn glows with red magic* I'm more of an evil Alicorn.

What is your favorite color?

All colorz!
Blue and/or silver.
Black, black, and black. Oh, and black.
Blue! I especially like that really pretty deep blue color. *smiles*
Red and/or very dark grey.

What is your favorite food?

Sorry, what? Too busy reading.
Anything fancy.
Cheese! Moon cheese! -_- I had to live on it for YEARS!
I dunno, I like all food I guess.
Shadows. (Me: What the- You're creepy) Why thank you.
Watermelon! MWAHhaha! I shall eat ALL da watermelon!
Souls and darkness! I feed on hatred and anguish. ^-^ (Me: *backs away slowly*)

What are your hobbies?

Reading and spending time with my friends.
I don't really have hobbies...or friends. (Me: XD Forever Alone) Im going to KILL you! -_- (Me: Oh snap! *runs away*)
Watching over my kingdom.
Watching people sleep.

What are you the princess of?

Uhh...I forgot XD I have short-term memory. (Me: Wow.. *slow clap*)
Well, first of all, I'm a Queen. And i'm the Queen of Darkness and kewl stuffs.

Last one, bye!

Uhuh... *reading huge book* (Me: .-. Book geek.)
Bye! Imma feed on yo love! BLAARGH!
Bye, citizen!
I watch you sleep. (Me: oookkay..?)
Bye! Oh, lets be friends YAY! (Me: No.) Aww.. :( (Me: XD just kidding) Yay! (Me: Or am i?) DX I DONT KNOW WHATS REAL ANY MORE!
BYE!!!! Derp.