Is your friend a true friend?

Is your friend a true friend?

Here's a quiz you can do about your friend or even with your friend :P have fun!

published on April 07, 201464 responses 11 4.9★ / 5

The best thing about your friend is her/his

that they don't ignore me (most of the time)
Sense of style
Overall great personality
I don't have a friend/best friend
that they are so caring

When you give him/her advice they usually

Forget it
Ignores you
Follows it
Tells you you're wrong
stop judging me ok. I DONT HAVE A FRIEND! I already told you!
Gives you advice back that is even better

If you were crushing on the same guy/girl they would

Tell you to back off he/she is theirs
Pretends not to notice and continues flirting
I don't have any friends to crush on the same person with!
Tell you that you can have him/her and that there are plenty of fish in the ocean
ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS and who wins gets the guy/girl

If you failed a test she/he would help you

at nothing. They would pretend you don't exist
Cheat for the next one
Tell you it would be a good idea to study for the next one
You'd both study together for the next one
I don't have a friend

Does he/she lie?

No of course not! She's always so polite and caring!
Only little ones so peoples feelings don't get hurt
She tells lies about me
I don't have a friend!!!