What is your type Boyfriend? *Girls Only*

What is your type Boyfriend? *Girls Only*

Find out type of Boyfriend matches you! Please Comment and Rate, what you think!

published on March 25, 2014153 responses 21
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Your friend is crying at the Prom. What do you think she is crying about?

Her date dumped her for a stupid convention.
He left with another girl.
He was sick, and she was humiliated when she explained.

Your Boyfriend dumped you for the hottest girl in school, and he comes to and gives you a big kiss.

Tell him to get his lips off, and tell him you didn't even like him.
Slap his face, and tell that he made his decision and there is no going back.
Tell him, that I love him so much, and that I yearned for a kiss!

What would you like to do on your spare time?

Get in trouble!
Watch a movie or Read
Learn about ____.

You are going on a date with your Boyfriend. Where are you going?

Up to me
Te pee a house
A science convention.

Whats your favorite movie type?

Action, and Horror
Anything that I like
Documentaries, Scientific

What would you like to drink?