Are you a boy lover, boy hater or a boy breaker (girls only)

Are you a boy lover, boy hater or a boy breaker (girls only)

Do you love boys or rather hold your distance. Or are you more the revenge type???? find out in this quiz

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You're boyfriend breaks up with you, you...

KILL HIM!!!! or at least make him pay!
Cry all day and all night and wonder why you weren't good enough
eww I would never have a boyfriend, well not atm

Would you ever consider dating the guy that got suspended yesterday?

Yeah I love bad boys!
No I wouldn't want to be pulled into all the bad stuff he was doing
No he doesn't have appropriate hygiene to even be considered

If your boyfriend couldn't make your date because he had planned to go out with mates, you would

Demand he cancel his plans and go out with you instead. If he doesn't then you would break up with him
Tell him that its alright, but plan your date on a different day
Be glad that you can finally be away from your over protective boyfriend and spend the night at a slumber party with your friends

If you were saying goodbye to your boyfriend because he was going away for the holidays, you would

Plead with him to stay and if he didn't go flirt with other guys while he was away
Tell him that you will miss him so much and you can't wait for him to come back
Tell him to have a nice trip but secretly hope he has the worst time ever

On a Saturday night you prefer to

Go dancing with your boyfriend
Stay in and watch movies while cuddling on the couch with your boyfriend
Be as far away as possible from your boyfriend and ignore all of his calls

If you had to break up with your boyfriend, you would

Tell him how sorry you are but the relationship is just not working for you atm
Tell him he is a jerk, pour a drink on him with an optional slap. Then storm off.
Stop talking to him all together. Ignore his texts and calls and hope he goes away

You think double dates are

Disgusting. Two annoying guys and a hateful girl joining you. Couldn't think of anything worse.
Sometimes cool, if you have a bestfriend who has a boyfriend then they could be fun
Horrible. This is just an excuse for your boyfriend to see another girl while he is seeing you. One at a time jerk!

During this time you were thinking

When will this quiz be over. I can't stand talking about guys for this long.
Can't wait to see my boyfriend. You just reminded me how much I miss him...
I should probably dump my boyfriend coz he's a real jerk