Which character from The Monstrumologist are you?

Which character from The Monstrumologist are you?

The Monstrumologist is a young adult horror series by Rick Yancey. And as most books, it has characters. Take this quiz to find out which one YOU are. There are six possible results - exciting!

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At Starbucks, you order -

Strawberry and Creme Frappuccino.
Tall Americano, no milk.
Grande latte with soy milk.
Hot chocolate.
Nothing, I drink coffee at home.
I don't drink coffee, I drink blood. Just kidding. OR AM I.

You get a letter from Charles Darwin (forget he died in 1882, this not the real world). You-

Scream with excitement and run into your room to read it.
Throw it out, dispassionately.
Set it on fire.
Eat it.
Calmly open it like a normal person.
Oh, I get letters from Darwin all the time. Really, I do!

Out of these historical figures, who would you be most excited to meet?

Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor
Arthur Rimbaud, the poet
Friedrich Nietzsche, the philosopher
Johann Strauss, the composer
I don't care about history or figures.
Myself from the future. I'm certain I become a historical figure at -some- point.

Your favorite activity is -

Not socializing.

What is the first word you think of when you are asked to describe yourself?

Nice, I guess.

Pick your favorite animal.

Guinea pig - because they're cute.
Ant - because they solved the problem of social organization.
Dog - because they're loyal and love you unconditionally.
Cat - because they never love you as much as you love them, which gives you a reason to pity
yourself and hate the world.
Moose or deer - basically anything with antlers.
Horse - because they're useful and elegant.

Minerva McGonagall places The Sorting Hat on your head (yes, we're doing this). It says:

Oh my god, this so hard, I have no idea where to place you!
Ravenclaw or Gryffindor? How about Slytherin? Yes.
AAARGH, help me, please stop, please, plese, take me off, for the love of God!

Do you believe the Earth has been visited by aliens?

It would be unscientific not to believe.
I like mysteries and conspiracy theories, so I hope it has!
No, it's just wishful thinking from easily impressionable people.
The Earth is lucky enough to have been visited by me.
Well, I'm sure it'd be just my luck to be the one they'd bodysnatch, so I'm gonna say I hope not.

It is the ZOmbie ApOCaLYPSE! What do you do?

Cackle because you started it.
Run and hide.
Protect your family.
Kill your family because you don't want them to suffer.
Capture a zombie and try to find a cure.
Stare uncomprehendigly.

Can you cook?

Nah, I eat everything RAW.
I have servants for that.
Yes, I like food.
Yes, I am fairly good at it.
Of course, everyone can cook.
Cooking is for losers. I am a winner.

You are walking in the woods. You come across a little girl sitting by the path, weeping. You -

Comfort her and wipe away her tears.
Ask her what time it is.
Use her as bait for the troll you're after.
Tell her to shut up because your life sucks too and you don't sit around crying all day.
Give her a picture of yourself because you're so pretty it automatically lifts people's mood.
Bite off her leg so she has a real reason to cry.

You step into a time machine that transports you from 1889 to the year 2014. What is the first thing you do (after you're done panicking)?

Go to the mall and buy new clothes because there's no way you're walking around dressed like
Google your name.
Google one of your many names
Go on a murdering rampage.
Cry because the 21st century sucks even more than the 19th which is saying something.
Go to the museum and comfort yourself with looking at pre-Raphaelite paintings because you're
too old for this shit.